Clean Bay Air Shield Portable DRY PACK

Clean Bay Air Shield Portable DRY PACK

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Now Cleanbay Air Shield is available in portable form! Best for small spaces up to five (5) sq. meters or personal protective barrier of one (1) meter.  Clip included  Duration: one (1) month

Perfect for: 

  •  Medical Professionals
  •  Lockers
  •  Drawers 
  •  Closets 
  •  Shoes
  •  Backpacks 
  •  Gym Bags

Stop odor before it starts with Cleanbay Air Shield. Our Air Shield kills odor bacteria before it starts, right down to the molecular level! Perfect for bathrooms, kitchens, or even a teenagers dirty closet. Buy Cleanbay Air Shield today to have an odor-free tomorrow!

How does our Air Shield work to eliminate odors? The secret lies in Cleanbay’s proprietary formula that maximizes odor eliminating properties which make Cleanbay has the most effective odor eliminating products on the market. Why do Cleanbay products work so better than other odor eliminators? Our products penetrate odor at the molecular level! Our products attract odor molecules like a magnet to iron. Cleanbay’s products are designed to seek them out and eliminate them. Also, all Cleanbay products are non-toxic, 100% biodegradable, do not leave any carbon footprint and are made in the USA.

Key Details:

    • Through years of research & a scientifically proven formula, our cleanbay products work naturally as an ultra-effective eco-friendly odor eliminator that leaves no harmful residue to maintain a fresh, breathable environment.
    • Incredible for pet lovers everywhere. Whether you have a messy cat or training your puppy, these non-toxic, environmentally friendly products help to eliminate urine and fecal odor.
    • Our cleanbay deodorizers easily clean air by seeking odor-causing bacteria & eliminating airborne bacteria at the molecular level, thereby reducing mildew formation and other pollutants known to trigger allergies and foul scents.
    • Our odor eliminators conveniently work anywhere. Great as an odor eliminator for cars, closets, gym bags, bathrooms, laundry rooms, smelly shoes, & pet litter box areas.
    • Each Cleanbay Air Shield Portable DRY PACK is guaranteed to provide continuous odor elimination for enclosed spaces up to 5 sq. meters for one (1) month.
    • We are so confident in the quality of our Cleanbay, Inc. products that we offer you a lifetime guarantee. Our factory warranty is only available from the authorized seller Cleanbay, Inc. Reach out to us if there’s ever anything you need; we are dedicated to your satisfaction.

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