Fechheimer Hybrid S/S 75/25% Poly/Wool Shirt -LAPD Navy 55VS8486

Fechheimer Hybrid S/S 75/25% Poly/Wool Shirt -LAPD Navy 55VS8486

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When heat and high-pressure combine, it can test your limits. To perform your duties, you need a garment that can integrate your uniform, or be comfortable and professional-looking enough to be worn as a stand alone shirt. The VaporCore Hybrid Patrol Shirt does just that and offers up to 5X more cooling than any other performance technology on the market today. Remain cooler and drier as the 37.5 technology regulates your bodys micro climate by evaporating moisture, helping you sweat less.

VAPORCORE, powered by 37.5® Active Particle Technology, is a line of products scientifically proven to help active users increase stamina and performance. Using an advance evaporative process that dries 5X faster than other leading performance fabrics, VaporCore ensures you maintain your bodys ideal core temperature in any and every environment.

Dries Faster

Dries faster than other leading performance fabrics.

Consesrve Energy

Conserve energy and perform better by maintaining your core body temperature in warm and cold environments.

Trap Door

Permanently embedded active particles trap and eliminate odor.

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