Talon Baton - Black Chrome, Foam Grip - Button - 40cm

Talon Baton - Black Chrome, Foam Grip - Button - 40cm

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The Talon Baton from ASP. This revolutionary new design uses two opposing discs that cam into an internal groove that is machined into each tube. Lockout is simple, stable and secure. Positive expansion complements push button retraction.

Retract your Talon Baton by depressing the release button or cap. It is not necessary to strike the tip of the baton. Carry your Talon Baton in an Envoy or Duty T Scabbard. Expand your Talon by sharply flicking the baton straight up or down. You can also extend the baton by pulling the tip with your hand.

Elegantly simple... incredibly strong. Easily carried... rapidly deployed. Extended tip expansion... push button retraction. A new standard of convenience.

• Retracted Length: 7.06"
• Weight (Steel): 16.3 ounces
• Weight (Airweight): 8.8 ounces
• 4140 Steel
• Diameter: 1.06"

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